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Misti Pest Control is the most trusted and reliable pest control company and service provider in Noida, India. We take pride in identifying ourselves as the No#1 pest control and management industry in the country. The company provides the eco friendly pest protection for your house and business.

The services include:

Termite control , Bed Bug Control , Cockroach control , Rodent control , Mosquitoes contro , Bee control

Misti offers a complete range of professional pest control treatment and services at the most reasonable costs. The experienced professional team of the company is completely devoted to removing all types of pest problems from your house/workplace or business area. The company is counted in the top 10 pest control services in Noida.

The company is inarguably the leading pest control company in India. We offer a wide range of pest control solutions to grant you freedom from a variety of harmful pests. We cater to both residential and commercial projects. We use the safest and eco-friendly chemicals; because your well-being is our priority

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Misti India Pest control is one of the best and fastest company. We work according to customer requirements. Also, we provide a professional controller. Those who do the work of eliminating all the insects in the house, so that you people remain safe and do not spread diseases. Due to insects at home, you can also be the victim of many diseases.

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Termite Control

Misti India termite/ Deemak Pest Control Treatment to protect you from unhygienic environment.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bug/Khatmal is a major danger all around the world. Bed Bugs effortlessly spread and are not easy to treat due to speedy..

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Cockroach Control

Misti India Company offers Cockroach Pest Control Treatment solutions to shut down the cockroaches & other pests.

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Rodent Control

Well known Rat Pest Control Services offers hassle free solutions to make safe your industrial, commercial, residential property.

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Mosquitoes Control

The Mosquito Flies Pest Control Treatment helps everyone to control the growth rate of files and keep them away from ..

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Bees Control

We have all encountered some pest or the other at some point of time in our lives. Whether it is the cockroach who roams ..

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