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Misti ,pest control is one of the best and fastest company. We work according to customer requirements. Also, we provide a professional controller. Those who do the work of eliminating all the insects in the house, so that you people remain safe and do not spread diseases. Due to insects at home, you can also be the victim of many diseases.

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Misti ,pest control is a certified Company, all of us want our house to be safe for our family. Often we ignore it due to less number of insects, but insects gradually increase their population. Due to which the risk of spreading the disease increases further. And any member of the family increases the risk of falling ill. Misti ,pest control prevents the spread of dirt and diseases.

We work to eliminate and prevent all kinds of insects like termites, rodents, cockroaches, wood borers and lizards. If you live in Delhi NCR, then you can contact us for any doubt. Misti ,pest control provides the best paste-control service in Delhi. For a safe and healthy environment in the houses, you can eliminate insects in the house by controlling the paste. Which reduces the chances of insects recurring. We use very effective and safe chemicals and high quality odorless for specific pest control.



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Identification site apropos treatment pesticide choice & use (agrobased) pest monitoring systems treatment procedures (spray/ ULV/ tablet paste.

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Food safety employee training we provide specially designed services schedule chart quarterly newsletter on pest hygiene management.

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